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Carton Packaging

Board Packaging

Carton offers unique added value for you and your consumers compared to alternative solutions:

  • Enhances product freshness and shelf-life
  • Seals in taste, nutrients and flavor
  • Protects against moisture and aroma transfer
  • Ensures consumers receive safe, healthy products
  • Enables brand building, design and consistency
Shapes & Sizes
DEP Advantages
  • One-stop-shop for all your packaging requirements
  • Advanced equipment for graphics, printing and sealing
  • Leaders in gable-top, skived and hot-filled carton sleeves
  • Excellent quality, compliance with strict international standards

DEP customers enjoy all the benefits of working with a small personal company while receiving the knowhow and experience of a large, long-standing organization.
Quality and excellence are at the forefront of all DEP services and products. Customers can choose from a large range of paper board grades.

Paper Board (EVOH)
  • Print (Gloss) Side Polyethylene
  • Paperboard
  • Nylon
  • Polyethylene
  • EVOH
  • Product (Matte)
  • Customers choose from a large range of paper board grades manufactured by Evergreen Packaging USA, the leading gable-top board and PE coated paperboard manufacturer.
How it Works?
In just five simple steps, DEP provides its customers with comprehensive and dependable services, from concept to completion.
  • Types & Sizes
    Choose from our large range of carton sizes and types to suit your every need.
  • Graphics & Printing
    Rest assured that your graphics will be printed with precision and consistency.
  • Cutting & Sealing
    All carton sleeves are cut and sealed with the utmost accuracy and care.
  • Caps & Closure
    Order caps (optional) to ensure no-spill, easy opening, closing and resealing.
  • Freight & Delivery
    Fast, reliable and efficient delivery of orders to customers' facilities worldwide.

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